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Construction Reform Progress But Pace Needs to Step Up

Findings from a survey of the nation’s major constructors reveals government is changing the way it is buying infrastructure to deliver better value for taxpayers and support a more sustainable construction industry.
13/05/2022/by ANCR

Introducing 24 Montgomery, South Sydney’s Newest Business Landmark

Wynn Construction Group based predominantly in Sydney’s Georges River district, showcased 24 Montgomery, A brand new, nine level mixed use commercial tower in the centre of Kogarah’s business precinct, in December last year.
12/05/2022/by ANCR

Sustainable and Resilient – Delivering the Infrastructure Needed for 21st Century Challenges

Since the summer of 2019, Australian communities have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, a record-breaking bushfire season, economic vulnerability, extensive flooding, increasing geopolitical uncertainty, and
cyber-attacks on operational infrastructure. These challenges have demonstrated how critical our infrastructure is for maintaining community well-being, biodiversity, and a functional economy.
12/05/2022/by ANCR

Awards Showcase Sustainability in Infrastructure Projects

The infrastructure industry continues to set new benchmarks in sustainability, shown by the exceptional achievements recognised at the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Gala Awards 2022.
12/05/2022/by ANCR

Infrastructure and skilled labour shortage

11/04/2022/by ANCR

2022 Federal Budget Briefing – GBCA

11/04/2022/by ANCR

Construction plan could save economy billions

11/04/2022/by ANCR


11/04/2022/by ANCR

How engineers shape the future: Navigating uncertainty to anticipate and take charge of change

01/12/2021/by ANCR

Universal method to report carbon in buildings and infrastructure launched

An international coalition of construction experts has published the world’s first universal standard for reporting carbon dioxide emissions used in the building and lifecycle of structures.
30/11/2021/by ANCR

CBA supports Charter Hall with Australia’s first Green Development Loan

22/09/2021/by ANCR

Infrastructure Australia Plan points to sustainability and resilience as the nation’s biggest opportunities

The 2021 Infrastructure Australia Plan is a 15-year roadmap for infrastructure reform that responds to the challenges and opportunities identified in the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit.
08/09/2021/by ANCR

Digital and Sustainable: Lendlease and Google Cloud Partner to Digitally Transform the Built World

Lendlease and Google Cloud announce a new global partnership aimed at transforming the construction and operation of buildings and cities around the world.
07/09/2021/by ANCR

Building a Path to a Brighter Future – OpEd

Often used as a psychological tool to motivate the masses, platitudes have become the means to an end to achieve a positive outcome. Yet ‘Building a Path to a Brighter Future’ articulates a marketing position of progression – and its effective!
13/08/2021/by ANCR

JACOBS the latest market leader to join efforts on digital city transformation

Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand (SCCANZ) announced today that leading professional services company Jacobs had joined the peak body to support action and investment in digital solutions that advance sustainability outcomes in our cities, towns and communities.
27/07/2021/by ANCR

Savills Impacts Forecasts Outlook for 2022 Real Estate

The Australian Industrial & Logistics sector is expected to remain 2022’s dominant asset class; however, the office sector has proven to be resilient as capital values have sharpened in the last 12 months, a result of how Australia is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, which ultimately increased investor confidence in the office sector.
27/07/2021/by ANCR

National leadership to unlock massive productivity savings from construction

03/06/2021/by ANCR

Civil Contractors Federation Report Provides a Blueprint for a Civil Infrastructure Led Economic Recovery

05/05/2021/by ANCR

Sector Transformation

02/02/2021/by ANCR

Rethinking Living in 2021

Confidence had returned to the Australian residential market…
02/02/2021/by ANCR

Leading and Embracing Sustainability in all Aspects

Amidst the challenges facing our industry, as we gradually move…
02/02/2021/by ANCR

Sustainability will be a crucial buyer focus in 2021

A recent SHAWOOD consumer survey found that 24% of Australians…
01/02/2021/by ANCR

Australian Government back better buildings for a low carbon future

01/02/2021/by ANCR

A new era of sustainable infrastructure ahead

Two recent announcements – the federal budget and Infrastructure’s…
01/02/2021/by ANCR

Victorian Construction Bounces Back

It’s heartening to see a promising bounceback in construction…
01/02/2021/by ANCR

At a ‘Hinge’ in History

I recently read a fascinating BBC Future article which suggested…
01/02/2021/by ANCR

Spike in self reliance see Australian Made supply chain on the up

by Andrew Hogg

If there is one thing we have learnt over…
01/02/2021/by ANCR

Project life agreements set to unlock jobs and investment

01/02/2021/by ANCR

Moving towards maintenance-free infrastructure assets

Construction companies across Australia are benefitting from cost-effective measures to ensure their infrastructure assets are protected against the effects of our harsh climate.
21/02/2019/by ANCR

It’s everyone’s responsibility to think long-term

Construction is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia, and due to the nature of the game some people try to cut corners when it comes to delivering projects on time and on budget.
20/02/2019/by ANCR