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Tony Alvaro, CEO Inhabit

CEO Interview – Tony Alvaro – Inhabit

As a group, our core strength is cultural diversity which we will continue to build on. This approach brings incredible minds and personalities into the business.
10/09/2021/by ANCR
Peter Ryan, Leighton

Executive Interview – Peter Ryan – Leighton

Peter Ryan, Southern Region General Manager talks about the future of the industry and what that means for Leighton.
10/09/2021/by ANCR
Managing Director, Rick Turchini of Baulderstone

Executive Interview – Rick Turchini – Baulderstone

When engineering expertise, technical innovation and superior construction management skills come together, outstanding projects are built.
19/08/2021/by ANCR
CEO Reg Smith from Allen Jack+Cottier

CEO Interview – Reg Smith – Allen Jack+Cottier

Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C) is one of Australia’s most awarded architectural firms, with 58 years’ experience in planning, architecture, heritage conservation, urban design, interiors and graphics, combined with a youthful ability to see things in new and dynamic ways.
19/08/2021/by ANCR
Alan Findlater, Managing Director of Donald Cant Watts Corke

Executive Interview – Alan Findlater – Donald Cantt Watts Corke

Alan Findlater, Managing Director of the growing project management company Donald Cant Watts Corke Management says he began his career by counting bricks.
01/09/2021/by ANCR
Scott Hutchinson, Chairman of Hutchinson Builders

Executive Interview – Scott Hutchinson – Hutchinson

Chairman, Scott Hutchinson discusses Hutchinson’s uniqueness within the construction Industry.
07/09/2021/by ANCR
Michael Batchelor, Chief Executive of AECOM

CEO Interview – Michael Batchelor – AECOM

Michael Batchelor was appointed AECOM’s Chief Executive – Australia New Zealand in October 2012, following more than 20 years with the company.
10/09/2021/by ANCR

Creating Carbon Free Construction Site – with Q&A Ann Austin

Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability at Lendlease, elaborates on Lendlease’s initiative and the critical importance of achieving the goal of fossil fuel free construction sites.
02/12/2022/by ANCR

CEO Interview – Adam Mcarthur – Found Concrete

Led by CEO Adam McArthur, Found Concrete are dedicated to making tradespeople’s lives easier, freeing up valuable time, alleviating construction site pressures and improving productivity.
21/10/2022/by ANCR
CEO Daryl Browning of ISPT

CEO Interview – Daryl Browning – ISPT

With the retirement savings of more than 40% of Australian workers invested in their properties, ISPT is one of Australia’s leading property fund managers. They not only invest however, they also develop projects in both urban and regional areas across industrial, commercial, residential and retail sectors.
31/08/2021/by ANCR
Mark Elliot Managing Director Bilfinger Berger Services

Executive Interview – Mark Elliott – Bilfinger Berger Services

Through the acquisition of strategic value adding businesses, the specialist engineering contractor and asset solution provider, Bilfinger Berger Services has grown into a leader in motorways management in  Australia, the largest water and wastewater manager in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a  Major provider to the mining and energy sectors.
25/08/2021/by ANCR
Daniel Grollo, CEO of Grocon

CEO Interview – Daniel Grollo – Grocon

Grocon’s contribution to the built environment includes many of Australia’s tallest buildings, and some of our most environmentally sustainable developments.
25/08/2021/by ANCR
National Sales and Marketing Manager Australia/New Zealand, Rob Mclorinan at the Armstrong Flooring factory.

Executive Interview – Rob Mclorinan – Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring have been Inspiring Great Spaces in Australia since 1969. Their dynamic and innovative team, champion integrity, creativity and sustainability to develop products that positively affect the spaces where people live, work, learn, heal and play.
19/08/2021/by ANCR
Growthbuilt CEO's (left) Peter Sukka and (right) Colin Rahim.

CEO Interview – Colin Rahim and Peter Sukkar – Growthbuilt

Over the past 12 years, Growthbuilt has established its strong position in the industry by adding value through the management of the planning, design and construction process for public and private clients.
19/08/2021/by ANCR

CEO Interview – Adrian Pozzo – Cbus Property

Adrian Pozzo is the CEO of Cbus Property, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cbus Super, Australia’s leading building and construction industry super fund, directly responsible for all aspects of Cbus property investment business.
05/04/2022/by ANCR
Greg Steele, Managing Director Hyder Consulting

Executive Interview – Greg Steele – Hyder Consulting

Hyder combines global expertise with local knowledge to help their clients achieve sustainable, exceptional project and management solutions. Australasian Managing Director, Greg Steele looks at infrastructure growth and sustainability in Australia's construction sector.
07/09/2021/by ANCR
Ken Maher, Chairman of HASSELL Architects

Executive Interview – Ken Maher – HASSELL

Ken Maher, Chairman of HASSELL, spoke to ANCR about the company’s history, philosophy, some of HASSELL’s signature Sydney projects, developments within the industry, and their ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and environmental awareness.
01/09/2021/by ANCR
Harry Triguboff, Managing Director Meriton.

Executive Interview – Harry Triguboff – Meriton

Harry Triguboff shares his insights regarding Meriton's past and future.
01/09/2021/by ANCR