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Infrastructure and skilled labour shortage

2022 Budget Response – Tom Karemacher (Vice President of APAC, Procore)

“It’s great to see the government hit a new record of over $120 billion in overall spending on new and existing infrastructure projects. It comes at a time where investment and optimism is needed in construction, following the hit the industry took during extended pandemic lockdowns, compounded by ongoing skills shortages and increased materials costs. The government plays a significant role in supporting and stimulating the industry, so it’s encouraging to see these initiatives, even though it may take time to feel the benefits.”

“In February 2022, YouGov surveyed 314 Australian construction leaders on behalf of Procore. Around a third (32%) said the construction industry is suffering from a ‘brain drain’, and it is hard to compete with other industries for good employees. Furthermore, over half (51%) said that the government should provide more support to upskill local construction workers.  It’s therefore encouraging to see the federal government pledge $2.8 billion to boost apprenticeship uptake and employee retention. This should help secure a healthy pipeline of skilled talent entering the construction industry, which will in turn support continued economic growth. The key will be augmenting the new and existing labour force with the right technologies to improve quality, productivity and profitability, with nearly half  (47%) of Australian construction leaders surveyed by YouGov believing that technology is critical to improving build quality.”