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Making it Easier to tell you have Genuine HushTM

Insist on using Genuine HushTM

Genuine Hush is Australia’s leading brand of acoustic glass. Genuine Hush is highly specified and made exclusively by Oceania Glass. Genuine Hush offers a range of quality-performance acoustic glass that has been tested and certified. The Genuine Hush range comprises of ComfortHushTM and QLam HushTM. Our Genuine Hush Program makes it easier to identify and be confident you have received Genuine Hush product made by Oceania Glass.


ComfortHush™ is a laminate comprised of two glass outer layers bonded to an acoustic interlayer. Unlike QLam Hush™ it also includes a Low E coating to provide up to 39% better thermal insulation than ordinary glass. It keeps your home or building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Tested and certified to Grade A Safety Glass standards, ComfortHush™ can be used in external window applications. ComfortHush™ adds tranquillity, thermal and acoustic comfort and improved energy efficiency to your urban lifestyle.

QLam HushTM

QLam Hush™ uses a specifically developed acoustic interlayer that targets sounds in the higher frequency range – the most sensitive range of human hearing. This level of sound reduction would normally demand a much thicker, far heavier product. Oceania Glass acoustic interlayer is the key.

Oceania GlassTM is Australia’s Architectural Glass Maker.

Look for the label to identify your glass is Genuine HushTM made in Australia by Oceania GlassTM.

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