New 100% Recyclable Manhole & Stormwater Pit Formwork to improve efficiencies for water treatment plants and land development sites

In an Australian first, a local specialist manufacturing company has introduced a new version of manhole formwork made from HDPE plastic as a proven alternative to the heavy steel used on construction sites since the 1920s.

Plastic Formwork Hire has reimagined the production of conventional steel manhole and stormwater pit formwork and introduced a 100% recyclable HDPE plastic version, removing costly management and maintenance issues previously associated with the development of stormwater pits and manholes.

Manufactured from a lightweight and durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, the HDPE Formwork is designed to be portable and easy to assemble. It removes the need for heavy transport haulage and machine installation for heavy steel forms, amongst other efficiencies.

Owner and founder Trevor Davis came up with the concept after years of cleaning and repairing steel forms in the sandblasting and industrial painting industry.

“While construction materials and processes have changed dramatically over the years, the use of heavy, steel formwork hasn’t altered since the 1920s. Steel formwork is inherently difficult to manage and maintain, and will cost construction projects countless man-hours in storage, maintenance, cleaning, installation, and transport,” he said.

“HDPE plastic liners had already been introduced as a requirement for the internal walls of manholes to protect the concrete from sewage gasses. It is strong, flexible, and easy to install, so it made perfect sense to use the material in the manhole forms.”

The HDPE formwork does not rust or degrade, it will not bend out of shape and can be fitted together easily by one person. The lightweight panels are easy to lift and assemble and can be cleaned with a pressure hose or cloth,” Trevor said.

Trevor and his team have spent over two years mastering the designs and piloting the formwork. The products are NATA-certified and have been tested in some of the most rigorous conditions.

“One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we receive is how much lost time has been saved by site workers in installation and cleaning. Foremen cannot believe that heavy haulage transport and lifting equipment are no longer required for starters. It has simplified the process in ways that no one had ever envisaged,” Trevor continued.

Plastic Formwork Hire provides delivery and collection within 25km of a hire depot at no cost and cleaning after use is included in the hire price.

Jim Carruthers from Carruthers Contracting is an early adopter of the HDPE Formwork and has been using it on sites for almost two years. He said his team loves it because it is extremely easy to set up, disassemble and especially move.

“(The formwork) is a lot easier to use and clean and it only takes a couple of guys to bolt it together and install it. We don’t need machines to lift it in and out,” he said.

“As far as costs go, there are a lot more efficiency and a lot of cost savings when you don’t need to pull an excavator off another job to drive over and back just to lift forms.”

The HDPE comes in a range of sizes and form types that can be ordered via an online booking website that offers incentives for advanced bookings.

“What we want is for manhole formwork to be one of the least complex requirements of a construction site, rather than one of the most,” Trevor said.

“Our HDPE Formwork is a game-changer for the construction sector and we’re looking forward to making it available across Australia.”

As part of Plastic Formwork Hire is currently recruiting regional distributors to manage dispatch and local inventory, please look at the business possibilities by clicking below.

Visit for more information on bookings and distributor opportunities.

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