Dorma Hüppe’s movable walls provided flexibility needed for the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Buildings’s adaptable room setups for conferences, offices, and exhibitions.

Dorma Hüeppe

Dorma Hüeppe, a global provider of high-quality operable partition systems, played a crucial role in the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building Project.

With a legacy of 130 years in the industry, Dorma Hüeppe is renowned for its innovative solutions that maximise space and functionality with movable walls.

The Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building Project required versatile room configurations to accommodate various functions such as conference facilities, conventions, offices, and exhibitions. Dorma Hüeppe’s movable wall systems offered the perfect solution, allowing the university to efficiently manage its rooms and spaces.

One of the major challenges faced during the project was the installation of a 4m high Glass Operable Wall. Dorma Hüeppe worked closely with the architect to design and install the specified operable walls on-site, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s layout and design.

The MOVEO Glass Operable Wall provided both flexibility and transparency, creating a modern and open environment. The successful supply and installation of operable walls, contributing to the multifunctional room configuration of the building, is a highlight of the project. The VARIFLEX Solid and MOVEO Glass systems offered a harmonious blend of daylight-flooded and sound-insulated room concepts, meeting the university’s requirements for versatility and openness.

Dorma Hüeppe’s commitment to delivering the highest quality custom wall solutions was evident throughout the project. The company’s operable partitions and glass wall systems not only met but exceeded the expectations of the university, providing endless possibilities for the building’s environment.

With a focus on trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Dorma Hüeppe continues to be a leader in the global movable walls market, offering smart and easy space solutions for various industries worldwide.

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