PGS undertook a comprehensive role, supplying and installing vital power infrastructure, including standby generators, fuel systems, and a tailored control system at the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building.

Power Generator Systems

Power Generator Systems (PGS) ensured the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building’s power infrastructure met the demanding requirements of the facility.

PGS’s scope of work for the project was extensive and intricate, encompassing the supply and installation of essential power infrastructure. This included the installation of two 2400kVA standby rated generators, equipped with remote radiators and super low-noise stainless-steel exhaust systems, as well as fuel systems with approximately 50,000L of on-site fuel capacity, along with a unique tailored control system designed to prioritize power to critical areas.

One of the primary challenges faced by PGS was meeting the client’s critical requirement for robust and reliable power to support extensive research and facilities. This necessitated advanced design solutions and close collaboration with stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of power systems.

Additionally, the installation of super low-noise exhaust systems posed unique constraints, which PGS addressed through in-house fabrication capabilities, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while maintaining optimal performance.
A standout feature of PGS’s work on this project was the custom-designed fully integrated control systems. These systems constantly monitor and control building loads, ensuring critical site operations are supported at all times.

“The final commissioning with all stakeholders was a project highlight,” said Managing Director, Andrew Frost. “It was great to see so many integrated components and aspects of this project assembled by numerous trades, and co-ordinated and supported by Hansen Yuncken – coming together to provide a valuable asset for the future of medical research and training.”

PGS specialises in diesel and gas generator systems for critical infrastructure, offering a range of commercial and industrial generators for standby, prime, or base load applications. With access to leading generator brands and a highly experienced team, PGS delivers adaptive design solutions, compliance maintenance, and responsive 24/7 emergency services.

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