Capella Science installed advanced STATEBOURNE Cryogenics systems at Flinders University Health and Medical Building.

Capella Science

The STATEBOURNE Cryogenics solutions implemented at Flinders University represents cutting-edge advancements in cryogenic storage, with enhanced efficiency, safety, and reliability. Supplied and installed by Capella Science, the project is a testament to the company’s ability to deliver high-quality scientific solutions, for a variety of purposes.

Capella Science commenced on-site work in February 2024, and drew on the collective experience of their team, which included a STATEBOURNE Cryogenics UK engineer, local service technician and Director, Paul Doyle.

The Flinders University project is unique, reflecting Capella Science’s adaptability to complex requirements. “We’ve installed an entire system including external supply tanks, super-insulated pipelines, and automatic refrigerators with integrated temperature logging and alarm systems,” Doyle said. “Our solutions are designed to be economical on LN2 and avoid triggering oxygen alarms unnecessarily.”

In total, Capella science installed four STATEBOURNE Cryogenics Biosystem Access 24 Automatic LN2 storage tanks, three STATEBOURNE Cryogenics Biosystem 24 Vapour Phase racking with Daisy Chain Connections, 1.5m insulated hoses, 2m insulated Hot-Gas Bypass Hoses, and Biosystem Access 24 Liquid Phase Racking.

The STATEBOURNE Cryogenics Biosystem Series is capable of handling up to 98,000 vials. “These units offer automatic liquid nitrogen top-up, dual fill solenoids for extra security, and a self-diagnostic data logging processor,” Director, Paul Doyle said. “They are compliant with MDD93/42/EEC standards and can be integrated into a pipeline system or operate as standalone units.”

What sets these products apart is their versatility and robust features. The Biosystem Access units, available in models 12, 24, and 50, provide rapid specimen storage and retrieval, crucial for frequent-access users.

“Each unit can be configured for liquid or vapour phase storage, featuring full-width openings for easy access, quick chill functions, and a vapour guard option,” Paul said. “They also come with enhanced control via PC connections, and robust construction, ensuring durability and security.”

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