Ecept managed detailed design, engineering, production, installation, and project management for internal and external branding, wayfinding, and Sky signage


Ecept, a South Australian owned and operated Design and Construct Signage Company, is making waves in the signage industry with its innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Ecept provided detailed design, engineering, production, installation, and project management for all internal and external branding, statutory, wayfinding and Sky signage for the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building project.

“This project was the largest to date for Ecept,” said Director, Ian Widdop. “We produced over 2,000 signs over a 10-month program.”

Ecept embraced new technologies and utilised non-specific signage materials to help create a unique look and feel for the building. The team also employed problem-solving and prototyping techniques to create bespoke signage solutions that met the project’s requirements.

One of the highlights of this project was Ecept’s recent acquisition of a tactile/braille printer from the US, the only one of its kind in South Australia. This investment in new technology enabled Ecept to expand its capabilities and deliver high-quality tactile and braille signage for the project.

“Our personal goal as a company is to constantly challenge our abilities by developing and implementing new ideas that stand out from the crowd and provide recognition for our clients,” said Ian.

This commitment to innovation and excellence has earned Ecept multiple national awards and recognition as a leader in the signage industry.

As a proud partner for Hansen Yuncken, Ecept continues to provide outstanding services in graphic design, industrial design, interpretive and corporate signage, wayfinding, exhibitions, and creative fitouts. With a broad base of skills and experience, Ecept is well-equipped to handle projects of any size and complexity, delivering exceptional results for clients across South Australia and beyond.

For more information contact Ecept, 236 Richmond Road, Marleston SA 5039, phone 0435 844 779, email, website