JP Drafting Services

JP Drafting Services provided Structural Steel Shop Fabrication Drawings for Gant and Sons Engineering, the contractor responsible for supplying and installing structural steel for the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building.

The scope of work for this project was extensive, requiring JP Drafting to deliver accurate steel models and coordinate with various services such as mechanical, fire, and plumbing to avoid clashes with the structural steel. Utilising Tekla Structure, they created a Structural Steel 3D Model and shop fabrication drawings, employing BIM modelling to aid in coordination efforts.

“The Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building stands as an iconic project for South Australia, featuring architectural features supported by approximately 250 tonnes of structural steel,” said Managing Director, Jigar Patel.

Despite short lead times and the complex design requirements,
JP Drafting worked meticulous coordination with architects, engineers, and builders to create high quality models. “It was a great experience to work on this project and we are proud to be part of it. It was great to work with the Hansen Yuncken team, and their support and extensive knowledge on the project always always provided a collaborative platform for problem-solving,” said Jigar.

JP Drafting Services specialise in architectural, electrical, structural, mechanical, and electronics drafting, utilising cutting-edge technological expertise to meet client requirements. With a commitment to understanding clients’ precise needs and delivering sound and affordable solutions, JP Drafting Services ensures projects are completed within proposed budgets and timelines without compromising quality.

By partnering with JP Drafting Services, clients can focus on their core business activities while receiving CAD services that meet international standards. With a dedication to excellence and efficiency, JP Drafting Services is ready to provide solutions for design, drafting, and imaging projects of any scale.

For more information contact JP Drafting Services, 191 Philip Highway, Elizabeth South, SA-5112, phone 0433 366 435, email, website


JFloors, a dynamic and rapidly growing business, is making waves in the commercial flooring industry with its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Specialising in a wide range of flooring options, including carpet, vinyl, timber, laminate, and more, JFloors has established a reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for commercial spaces of all sizes.

Their work on the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building highlights the company’s expertise and dedication to superior craftsmanship. The scope of work for this project included floor preparation, grinding, moisture barrier and screeding, as well as the supply and installation of coved floor vinyl and wall vinyl.

Thanks to the efficient collaboration between JFloors’ team and the builder’s team, the job ran extremely smoothly, showcasing JFloors’ ability to deliver exceptional results through effective teamwork.

“We are a relatively young business experiencing consistent growth. We value our reputation for on-time delivery and our ‘above and beyond’ approach,” said Jesse Roberts, General Manager of JFloors.

In addition to Flinders University, JFloors is also working on several other projects, including Resthaven Aged Care, NCIS Sub-Corp, Harpers Field Community Sports Club, and Deloitte Festival One Tower.

These projects showcase the diversity of JFloors’ capabilities and their ability to handle a wide range of commercial flooring needs.

“Our flooring options cater for all types of commercial buildings from small retail through to large office spaces, high rise projects,
and everything in between,” said Jesse.

At JFloors, customer satisfaction is paramount. The team is dedicated to working closely with clients to achieve the right flooring for their needs, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards.

“Attention to every detail is what sets us apart – from the subfloor to the finished product,” said Jesse. “Our highly skilled team of managers, project co-ordinators and installers ensure you will receive an exceptional job. We are proud of our reputation and go above and beyond to maintain it.”

The team at JFloors are invested in your project from start to finish. They have a vast selection of flooring available for all applications.

“With decades of experience in every imaginable commercial project and delivering within deadlines, our team can handle anything you throw at them. We’ve become the go-to place for people who want everything done in one place, from start to finish,” said Jesse.

With a rich history and a passion for flooring, JFloors is setting the standard for commercial flooring solutions. With many years of combined experience in the industry, the team at JFloors has the knowledge and expertise to handle projects of any size and complexity.

“Our team of industry-leading trade professionals work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of the commercial flooring industry. There is no job too big, and no solution we can’t provide,” said Jesse.

For more information contact JFloors, Unit 1, 20 Adam Street, Hindmarsh SA 5007, phone 0492 972 228, email, website

Dorma Hüeppe

Dorma Hüeppe, a global provider of high-quality operable partition systems, played a crucial role in the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building Project.

With a legacy of 130 years in the industry, Dorma Hüeppe is renowned for its innovative solutions that maximise space and functionality with movable walls.

The Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building Project required versatile room configurations to accommodate various functions such as conference facilities, conventions, offices, and exhibitions. Dorma Hüeppe’s movable wall systems offered the perfect solution, allowing the university to efficiently manage its rooms and spaces.

One of the major challenges faced during the project was the installation of a 4m high Glass Operable Wall. Dorma Hüeppe worked closely with the architect to design and install the specified operable walls on-site, ensuring seamless integration with the building’s layout and design.

The MOVEO Glass Operable Wall provided both flexibility and transparency, creating a modern and open environment. The successful supply and installation of operable walls, contributing to the multifunctional room configuration of the building, is a highlight of the project. The VARIFLEX Solid and MOVEO Glass systems offered a harmonious blend of daylight-flooded and sound-insulated room concepts, meeting the university’s requirements for versatility and openness.

Dorma Hüeppe’s commitment to delivering the highest quality custom wall solutions was evident throughout the project. The company’s operable partitions and glass wall systems not only met but exceeded the expectations of the university, providing endless possibilities for the building’s environment.

With a focus on trust, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Dorma Hüeppe continues to be a leader in the global movable walls market, offering smart and easy space solutions for various industries worldwide.

For more information contact Dorma Hüeppe, Unit 10, Block R, 391 Park Road, Regents Park NSW 2143, phone
0455 321 035, email, website

Power Generator Systems

Power Generator Systems (PGS) ensured the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building’s power infrastructure met the demanding requirements of the facility.

PGS’s scope of work for the project was extensive and intricate, encompassing the supply and installation of essential power infrastructure. This included the installation of two 2400kVA standby rated generators, equipped with remote radiators and super low-noise stainless-steel exhaust systems, as well as fuel systems with approximately 50,000L of on-site fuel capacity, along with a unique tailored control system designed to prioritize power to critical areas.

One of the primary challenges faced by PGS was meeting the client’s critical requirement for robust and reliable power to support extensive research and facilities. This necessitated advanced design solutions and close collaboration with stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of power systems.

Additionally, the installation of super low-noise exhaust systems posed unique constraints, which PGS addressed through in-house fabrication capabilities, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while maintaining optimal performance.
A standout feature of PGS’s work on this project was the custom-designed fully integrated control systems. These systems constantly monitor and control building loads, ensuring critical site operations are supported at all times.

“The final commissioning with all stakeholders was a project highlight,” said Managing Director, Andrew Frost. “It was great to see so many integrated components and aspects of this project assembled by numerous trades, and co-ordinated and supported by Hansen Yuncken – coming together to provide a valuable asset for the future of medical research and training.”

PGS specialises in diesel and gas generator systems for critical infrastructure, offering a range of commercial and industrial generators for standby, prime, or base load applications. With access to leading generator brands and a highly experienced team, PGS delivers adaptive design solutions, compliance maintenance, and responsive 24/7 emergency services.

For more information contact Power Generator Systems, 3 O’Connor Court, Gepps Cross SA 5094, phone 08 8349 7854, website

JRCM Commercial Joinery

JRCM Commercial Joinery played a crucial role in the construction of the Flinders University Health and Medical Research Building, focusing on the installation of joinery items including wall paneling, booth seating, and workstations.

“This project was particularly challenging due to the unique requirements of the staircase areas, as well as the need to achieve a woodgrain finish and scale the joinery items to fit the space,” said Project Manager, Leigh Pedrick.

Equipped with modern machinery and a team of skilled craftsmen, JRCM Commercial Joinery has established a reputation for delivering high-quality joinery solutions for a diverse range of clients. Their ability to work with various materials, including timber, veneers, laminates, concrete, stainless steel, upholstery, stone, and glass, allows them to meet the unique needs of each project.

With a team of 35 staff dedicated to the project, JRCM Commercial Joinery worked diligently to ensure the joinery elements were completed to the highest standards. Despite the challenges faced, the team’s expertise and commitment to excellence allowed them to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

Founded in 1993 by John Reuther, JRCM Commercial Joinery has grown significantly over the past 30 years. Starting from a small workshop in Edwardstown, the company has expanded its operations and relocated to a larger facility in Thebarton, and later to an even larger workshop in Dudley Park, boasting 4,000m2 of floor space.

With a focus on quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction, JRCM Commercial Joinery continues to be a trusted partner for joinery solutions in South Australia.

Some of the notable projects completed by JRCM Commercial Joinery include Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide Oval & Oval Hotel, Skycity, Calvary Adelaide Hospital, 60 King William Street, Adelaide Botanic School, Walker Tower and many more.

For more information contact JRCM Commercial Joinery, 88 Exeter Terrace, Dudley Park SA 5008, phone 08 8234 9600, email, website