HOF Electrical Designed and Installed Advanced Electrical Systems for the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre

HOF Electrical


HOF Electrical, a trusted name in the electrical services industry, has been instrumental in the construction of the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, HOF Electrical has rapidly established itself as a reliable provider of top-tier electrical solutions across various sectors, including but not limited to healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential.

The company’s involvement in the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre underscores its capacity to handle complex projects. HOF Electrical undertook the comprehensive electrical design and construct package for the centre, which involved the installation of advanced systems and infrastructure to support the facility’s diverse and specialised zones.

The scope of work included a 1675kVA generator and fuel system, nurse call systems, comprehensive communications and security packages, a Dali Dynalite lighting control system, a 250kVA UPS system, and extensive EMF shielding to protect both personnel and sensitive medical equipment.

Additionally, the project featured the installation of a 100kW solar system, lightning protection, and a monitored emergency and exit system. Coordination with CitiPower for a new high voltage underground supply and indoor sub-station was also a key part of the HOF Electrical team’s scope.

One of the challenges HOF Electrical faced was the complexity involved due to the diverse range of spaces integrated within the facility’s design. The centre features numerous specialised zones, including PC2 and PC4 laboratories, body-protected patient treatment areas, imaging facilities, multi-disciplinary meeting rooms, and offices. Each of these areas adheres to distinct electrical regulations and standards, further complicating the project’s execution.

To address these challenges, HOF Electrical employed innovative solutions and drew upon their extensive experience in the healthcare sector. “Despite the unique challenges inherent in this project, our team leveraged their collective knowledge and specialised expertise to manage and successfully deliver this multifaceted project,” Managing Director, Heath O’Farrell explained.

Collaboration with multiple trades and stakeholders was essential to the project’s success. “Working closely with architects, consultants, suppliers, Kane Constructions, and CitiPower fostered a dynamic team environment that was critical in completing the project,”
Heath noted.

“It was a privilege to be part of this project, contributing to the development of such an impactful facility that will make a tangible difference in healthcare delivery,” said Heath.

HOF Electrical, based in Richmond, Victoria, is dedicated to delivering reliable and professional electrical solutions. As a recently established entity, the company brings a fresh perspective and approach, leveraging the teams dynamic mix of experience with non-traditional methodologies and cutting-edge industry knowledge. This enables innovative solutions, agile adaptation to market demands, and strategic guidance with technical insights for clients across various industries.

With a rapidly growing team and a diverse portfolio of projects across various sectors, HOF Electrical continues to set new standards in the industry.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including end-to-end design and construct, electrical engineering consulting, service and preventative maintenance, and data and communications solutions.

From minor works to large-scale undertakings, HOF Electrical ensures seamless integration from concept to completion, providing clients with expedited project delivery and meticulous attention to detail. Their commitment to exceeding client expectations through tailored, cost-effective solutions has established HOF Electrical as a trusted partner in the industry.

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