Arctic Constructions created PC2 labs crucial for the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Center, within tight space and access limitations.

Artic Constructions

Arctic Constructions has showcased their expertise in the construction of PC2 level laboratory rooms crucial for the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Center’s clinical trials, demonstrating Arctic Constructions’ capability in delivering high-quality healthcare facilities.

“The Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre project presented us with several challenges that required innovative solutions and meticulous planning,” said Arctic Constructions Director, James Lawless. “One of the major challenges was the spatial restrictions on Level 4, where the laboratory rooms were to be constructed. We had to work closely with service trades to ensure that all penetrations through the panels were sealed appropriately, while also designing alternative wall-to-ceiling connection methods to accommodate the services.”

Access to the construction site also posed a significant challenge. “With all materials needing to be craned up onto the loading dock and 9m long panels being maneuvered with precision, the project required careful coordination and skillful execution,” said James.

Arctic Constructions also had to meet stringent design requirements. The walls, ceilings, doors, and windows had to be PC2 compliant and withstand significant pressure. This necessitated custom design work in-house, working closely with Kane’s design team to develop solutions that met the project’s unique demands.

Despite these challenges, Arctic Constructions successfully delivered a project that not only met but exceeded expectations.

“I am incredibly proud of the Arctic Constructions team for their professionalism, patience, and resilience throughout this project.
Their dedication to delivering exceptional quality despite the challenges is commendable,” said James.

Arctic Construction specialises in all aspects of insulated panel construction including Clean Room, Cold Storage and Pharmaceutical. Services include insulated panel construction, all types of controlled atmosphere environments, coolroom/ freezer facilities, food processing areas, controlled clean and dust proof rooms, portable structures, architectural façade systems, and insulated panel roofing systems.

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