Fangda Australia created a stunning curved glass facade with specialised printed fritted glass to create the unique pattern design.

Fangda Australia

Behind the striking façade of the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Center lies the meticulous work of award-winning façade specialist, Fangda Australia.

“Fangda supplied the external façade components for this project, including unitised curtain wall, glazing, perforated aluminium cladding, and featured shroud for the Level 5 terrace,” said Project Manager, James Gong. “The scope of work was extensive, requiring precision and attention to detail to meet the architect’s vision.”

One of the major challenges faced by Fangda was the fritted glass, which required a digital print to create the pattern and meet the architect’s expectations.

Additionally, the concave and convex glass, as well as the top curved fair-shaped glazing, posed design and production challenges for the unitised panel. To overcome these challenges, Fangda used special extruded profiles to achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising the overall performance of the curtain wall.

Another notable challenge was the removable curtain wall panel on the east elevation, which required careful planning to allow for the construction of a link bridge between PFMCC and the existing old hospital building.

“A big highlight of this project was that all curtain wall production supply was completed within three months,” said James.

Fangda Australia, part of the China Fangda Group, delivers high-end facade solutions for curtain walls and window walls. Since its founding in 2016, Fangda Australia has built a reputation for excellence in workmanship, competitive pricing and outstanding results. The company offers a one-stop solution for all facade needs, including design, engineering, production, logistics, site installation and after-sales services.

“We provide clients with high-class boutique curtain walls to meet all their needs. No matter what your project might be, our team of professionals is ready to bring your ideas to life,” said James.

For more information contact Fangda Australia, 3B/990 Toorak Road, Camberwell VIC 3124, email, phone 03 8685 8432, website