Central Communications and Electrical Contractors (CCE) ensured flawless cellular connectivity at the Paula Fox Melanoma Cancer Center with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

Central Communications and Electrical Contractors

Central Communications and Electrical Contractors (CCE) were instrumental in providing flawless cellular connectivity throughout the Paula Fox Melanoma and Cancer Centre project, with the installation of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).

“Our scope was to build the DAS that can provide 100% cellular coverage within Alfred Melanoma as per the specs,” explained CCE Director, Jonathan Cornford. “Being able to provide a great user experience when it comes to using cellular services to the wider community is truly rewarding. We are pleased with the performance of the DAS as shown in our testing results.”

The team encountered a significant obstacle in running 7/8” coax cables along intricate routes with bends and obstacles obstructing other services. CCE effectively navigated the complexities by fostering collaboration with other trades, ultimately ensuring the successful installation for all services.

Electrical and communications contractors were required to work with minimal allowance on cable tray runs, resulting in an opportunity for creative problem-solving and collaboration, between teams to effectively manage available resources. “We were able to overcome issues with labs, clean areas, and pressurised areas and install to suffice the builder’s expectations and standards.”

Since 1997, CCE has been serving clients throughout Australia, offering premium products and turnkey solutions for wireless enhancement needs. CCE specialises exclusively in building DAS systems to Australian cellular operators’ standards. With skilled and experienced resources available for the design, drafting, installation, testing, and commissioning of any in-building system, CCE delivers projects from beginning to end with seamless and trouble-free consultation with both builders and carriers to give a satisfactory result. We are Supply Nation registered which helps with indigenous procurement required on many projects.

“We are an established company in which the directors and employees all work together as a team dedicated to providing a quality installation on time,” said Jonathan.

For more information contact Central Communications and Electrical Contractors, Factory 2 & 3, 188 Centre Road, Narre Warren VIC 3805, phone Directors Sean McGarrigle 0418 384 629 or Jonathan Cornford 0407 432 853, email projects@cce.com.au, website cce.com.au