With the retirement savings of more than 40% of Australian workers invested in their properties, ISPT is one of Australia’s leading property fund managers. They not only invest however, they also develop projects in both urban and regional areas across industrial, commercial, residential and retail sectors.

Grocon’s contribution to the built environment includes many of Australia’s tallest buildings, and some of our most environmentally sustainable developments.

Through the acquisition of strategic value adding businesses, the specialist engineering contractor and asset solution provider, Bilfinger Berger Services has grown into a leader in motorways management in  Australia, the largest water and wastewater manager in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a  Major provider to the mining and energy sectors.

When engineering expertise, technical innovation and superior construction management skills come together, outstanding projects are built.

Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C) is one of Australia’s most awarded architectural firms, with 58 years’ experience in planning, architecture, heritage conservation, urban design, interiors and graphics, combined with a youthful ability to see things in new and dynamic ways.