Irongate Solutions

Irongate Solutions successfully implemented advanced security measures for the Wicks Place Project, delivering a facial recognition access control system to ensure secure site access and smooth site operations.

“We provided access control, including a facial recognition system with a turnstile and pedestrian gate on the site. Our team managed site security, ensuring that only authorised workers were allowed through,” explained CEO Tim Dickeson

The project presented some unique challenges, particularly due to the site’s heritage walls that needed to remain intact. “It was a slightly more complex site layout,” Tim explained. “We had to deliver and install the gates and access controls system in a location that was not easily accessible. To overcome this, we worked closely with the Wicks Place site team.”

“We utilised our facial recognition access control system, which validates people very fast and therefore allows for quick ingress and egress of workers and prevents bottlenecks. This newer technology is unique to Irongate; we are one of the few that deliver facial recognition systems specifically for construction sites. Additionally, we integrated with HammerTech, the safety management platform, ensuring seamless management of data and security.”

The solution provided by Irongate Solutions significantly increased the efficiencies of on-bording new workers and eased the operations for the Wicks Place site team.

“Our system made the lives of the site team easier by administering workers and managing who should and shouldn’t get through the gates and access the site,” Tim said. “This smooth management and reporting on the number of workers on-site each day allowed the site team to focus more on the project rather than worker management and site access.”

Irongate Solutions was set up on-site for the duration of the project, making this their second collaboration with Toga. Their comprehensive approach includes providing full end-to-end access control solutions tailored for construction sites, integrating with safety platforms, like HammerTech and Vanguard, to keep all information centralised, and offering full setup, installation and support. | 1300 986 371 |

Backed by an experienced team and global purchasing prowess, Rexel Electrical Supplies are the foremost wholesale electrical supply distributor renown for delivering compliant products tailored to the needs of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors.

Experience the Rexel advantage

For over three decades, Rexel Alexandria has been a trusted name in electrical wholesaling, providing top-quality supplies and unmatched service. Backed by a team of 35 seasoned professionals and a fleet of vehicles facilitating twice-daily deliveries from our expansive 5,000m2 warehouse, we ensure prompt and reliable service that exceeds industry standards.

Our Specialist Projects team excels in creating bespoke lighting designs, while our dedicated Data Division provides expert data solutions, enhancing our comprehensive service offerings. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our ISO standard certification, showcasing our dedication to quality and efficiency. As a proud member of the global sustainability charter, we priorities environmentally responsible practices in all our operations.

Additionally, our support for Beyond Blue underscores our commitment to mental health awareness and community welfare.

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Partnering with Toga, Fastform played a crucial role in realising the transformative, community-focused addition to the Wicks Park area.

The Wicks Place development was completed with a slightly different construction method then expected for high rise developments of this size. The projects proximity to the airport and beneath flight paths, resulted in the last 3-levels of the project being completed without the advantage of a crane.

“We had to form up the last three levels, including steel fixers, form workers and scaffolders, materials, material handling up and down for three floors, concreting with no crane. That was a great achievement by all involved,” Tarek Massri, Chief Operating Officer of Fastform.

The complexity of relocating a crane due to stringent airport regulations and continuing construction without it was a formidable challenge. However, the Fastform team rose to the occasion, showcasing their expertise in formwork, steel fixing, and concrete placement across a sprawling 2,000m2. This dedication ensured that the project proceeded smoothly and met its high standards.
With a proven track record and a commitment to safety and quality, Fastform has established itself as a leading provider of formwork services in Sydney. For over 20 years, Fastform has been synonymous with excellence, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in construction, delivering quality projects on time and within budget.

Fastform’s contributions to projects like Wicks Place highlight their unwavering commitment to creating spaces that serve the community while showcasing their industry leadership. This project not only enhances the local landscape but also stands as a milestone of collective effort and ingenuity.

For more information contact Fastform, 14 Enterprise Circuit, Prestons NSW 2170, phone 02 8783 0400, email, website

Soldier Tower Cranes & Labour Services

Soldier Tower Cranes & Labour Services (Soldier), a highly experienced operator in Australia’s construction industry, provides a comprehensive service for builders and construction companies of any scale. Soldier offer a large fleet of cranes, hoists and labour division including crane operators, riggers, hoist operators, RTA Certified traffic control division and skilled labour.

At a time when Sydney’s Inner West local government area is forecast to grow by approximately 32,600 residents and 14,000 workers between 2022 to 2036, Soldier Tower Cranes & Labour Services is committed to the development of Inner West’s infrastructure.

Soldier recently joined forces with one of Australia’s most experienced, fully integrated property developers, Toga Group. Toga Group, which has 60 years of experience in the building industry, is leading the way in the Marrickville community with its new development, Wicks Place, a hub of premium apartments combining luxury living and eclectic retail space.

Soldier commenced working on this Project in 2022 taking note that this Project would involve an intricate tower crane and construction methodology. This Project is very complex due to its close proximity to the airport; the cranes provided are limited in height and can only be erected and dismantled between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

The restrictions created a significant level of complexity for Soldier to overcome, who have installed, and recently dismantled two tower cranes for this project.

Soldier executed a jib reduction from 35m down to 25m on TC1, preventing structural cycle time delays and enabling crane operation to continue, given the restrictions faced on the project.

Soldier is now providing crane, hoist and crew, skilled labour, and machine operators, for Toga’s Made Marrikville, an industrial commercial project, offering premium adaptive space for a range of business ventures.

Soldier is proud to be a part of Toga’s Marrickville development.

For more information contact Soldier Tower Cranes & Labour Services, phone 1300 SOLDIER, email, website