Access Control For Construction Sites.

Irongate Solutions

Irongate Solutions successfully implemented advanced security measures for the Wicks Place Project, delivering a facial recognition access control system to ensure secure site access and smooth site operations.

“We provided access control, including a facial recognition system with a turnstile and pedestrian gate on the site. Our team managed site security, ensuring that only authorised workers were allowed through,” explained CEO Tim Dickeson

The project presented some unique challenges, particularly due to the site’s heritage walls that needed to remain intact. “It was a slightly more complex site layout,” Tim explained. “We had to deliver and install the gates and access controls system in a location that was not easily accessible. To overcome this, we worked closely with the Wicks Place site team.”

“We utilised our facial recognition access control system, which validates people very fast and therefore allows for quick ingress and egress of workers and prevents bottlenecks. This newer technology is unique to Irongate; we are one of the few that deliver facial recognition systems specifically for construction sites. Additionally, we integrated with HammerTech, the safety management platform, ensuring seamless management of data and security.”

The solution provided by Irongate Solutions significantly increased the efficiencies of on-bording new workers and eased the operations for the Wicks Place site team.

“Our system made the lives of the site team easier by administering workers and managing who should and shouldn’t get through the gates and access the site,” Tim said. “This smooth management and reporting on the number of workers on-site each day allowed the site team to focus more on the project rather than worker management and site access.”

Irongate Solutions was set up on-site for the duration of the project, making this their second collaboration with Toga. Their comprehensive approach includes providing full end-to-end access control solutions tailored for construction sites, integrating with safety platforms, like HammerTech and Vanguard, to keep all information centralised, and offering full setup, installation and support. | 1300 986 371 |