Fastform expertly completed Wicks Place, overcoming crane restrictions to complete the Wicks Place project.


Partnering with Toga, Fastform played a crucial role in realising the transformative, community-focused addition to the Wicks Park area.

The Wicks Place development was completed with a slightly different construction method then expected for high rise developments of this size. The projects proximity to the airport and beneath flight paths, resulted in the last 3-levels of the project being completed without the advantage of a crane.

“We had to form up the last three levels, including steel fixers, form workers and scaffolders, materials, material handling up and down for three floors, concreting with no crane. That was a great achievement by all involved,” Tarek Massri, Chief Operating Officer of Fastform.

The complexity of relocating a crane due to stringent airport regulations and continuing construction without it was a formidable challenge. However, the Fastform team rose to the occasion, showcasing their expertise in formwork, steel fixing, and concrete placement across a sprawling 2,000m2. This dedication ensured that the project proceeded smoothly and met its high standards.
With a proven track record and a commitment to safety and quality, Fastform has established itself as a leading provider of formwork services in Sydney. For over 20 years, Fastform has been synonymous with excellence, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in construction, delivering quality projects on time and within budget.

Fastform’s contributions to projects like Wicks Place highlight their unwavering commitment to creating spaces that serve the community while showcasing their industry leadership. This project not only enhances the local landscape but also stands as a milestone of collective effort and ingenuity.

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