Square Ceilings supplied and installed key materials for The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Revelopment ceilings and partitions.

Square Ceilings

In the transformative redevelopment of the TQEH (The Queen Elizabeth Hospital), Square Ceilings’ wall and ceiling played a pivotal role in elevating the structural and aesthetic aspects of the project. Their comprehensive involvement encompassed the supply and installation of various critical elements, contributing to the seamless integration of both old and new structures.

Central to Square Ceilings’ contribution was the provision and installation of essential materials, including Plasterboard, Trurock, Fireshield, and ceiling tiles. These materials were strategically applied to create ceilings and partitions throughout the hospital, addressing a diverse range of requirements such as firewalls, smoke walls, acoustic walls, shaft walls, and T-bar ceilings. The team’s meticulous approach ensured the adherence to stringent safety and functionality standards crucial in a healthcare environment.

A notable aspect of Square Ceilings’ work involved the installation of lead-lining in sensitive areas like the CT, X-Ray, and MRI rooms. This specialised application was undertaken with precision and attention to detail, reflecting their commitment to creating spaces that meet the highest standards of safety and functionality in medical imaging.
One of the standout challenges encountered during the project was the construction of feature ceilings. Given the demanding schedule of the redevelopment, Square Ceilings faced the unique task of building the frame based on shop drawings, as the feature ceiling panels had not been manufactured at that stage. Despite this challenge, the team demonstrated resilience and expertise, successfully executing the construction of intricate feature ceilings within the tight timeframe.

Square Ceilings’ commitment to quality craftsmanship and their ability to adapt to evolving project requirements were instrumental in overcoming the complexities inherent in hospital construction.

Through their diverse capabilities, Square Ceilings contributed significantly to the success of the TQEH redevelopment, ensuring that the hospital now stands as a testament to both functionality and aesthetic excellence.

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