Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions certified fire penetrations at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, ensuring compliance with standards.

Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions

Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions were contracted to inspect and certify the sealing of all fire penetrations at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and document them on a register.

Specialists in the Passive Fire Protection of structural assets, Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions are committed to offering practical, compliant solutions that meet all relevant standards including the BCA.

“Being a health facility with a multitude of systems in a multitude of locations, it is imperative that each and every one of those systems are sealed and compliant,” said Kyle Smith, Director of Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions.

“As with any project of this size on a tight time frame, we needed to coordinate with the builder and subcontractors to access areas once they’d been completed,” said Kyle. “This meant multiple returns after services have been rewired or penetrated by another service needing to complete their work in the same location.”

Passive fire protection is a barrier or shield, stopping the spread of fire from one area to another. Unlike active fire protection products such as sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses which become active in the event of fire, passive fire products remain non-active.

“The end-user needs to be confident that all penetrations have been sealed and have been done compliantly,” said Kyle. “They need to be able to refer to the register if unsealed penetrations are found when future contractors are brought in.”

Adelaide Passive Fire Solutions offers a vast range of services in Passive Fire Protection including inspection, installation, repair, and compliance in all fire protection systems. Including the supply and install of Fire doors, Barriers, penetrations, and building work rectification involving these areas. The company has experience in all types of working environments including aged care, hospitals, offices, education, retail, hospitality, residential, and manufacturing in Adelaide and regional South Australia.

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