A&M Passive Fire Systems fireproofed structural beams with PROMAT Vermiculite, using INTERNATIONAL primers and intumescent paint on exposed steel at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Redevelopment.

A & M Passive Fire Systems

A & M Passive Fire Systems delivered structural steel fire protection systems for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Stage 3 Redevelopment Project.

The scope of works included the application of PROMAT CAFCO 300 Vermiculite to concealed and internally exposed structural beams and pre-cast connections, Fendolite cementitious and INTERNATIONAL (AksoNobel) intumescent paint systems on externally exposed structural steel beams and columns, and the installation of PROMAT fireboard to structural columns.

“One of the major challenges faced by the team was the coordination with numerous contractors on site,” said Business Development Manager, Andrew Nelson. “With structural steel present throughout the building, interfacing with contractors required clear communication and coordination of project deliverables with the appropriate stakeholders.

The team at A & M Passive Fire Systems demonstrated their expertise in the project, by working closely with the builder creating a
zoned-based approach to delivery, enabling safer and faster application. The project’s success was facilitated by the builder’s readiness to collaborate to achieve delivery.

Andrew and business partner, Milo Terzic, showcased their synergy between corporate and fire protection experience, ensuring that systems were compliant and aligned with delivery requirements. Project walkthroughs with manufacturers were carried out to ensure adherence to tested systems and fire resistance levels FRLs. Commitment to quality and safety was evident throughout the project.

A & M Passive Fire Systems’ specialises in providing Passive Fire Protection systems which include the application of Vermiculite, Fendolite (cementitious), fireproof boards, and fire-stopping penetrations. A team of experienced and certified professionals dedicated to delivering quality and compliant fire systems.

For more information contact A & M Passive Fire Systems, phone (Andrew) 0412 799 335, website www.ampassivefiresystems.com.au