Paint Machine unitilised mineral silicate paint to created the vibrant colour finish on The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Redevelopment.

Paint Machine

In a world where modern architecture often gleams with glass façades and metallic finishes, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital stands as a striking departure from the norm, instead embracing a more enduring and distinctive aesthetic.

The brief to paint the entire exterior of the hospital presented a unique challenge and an opportunity for Paint Machine, a South Australian commercial painting contractor, to showcase their expertise and elevate the standard for quality and longevity in architectural coatings.

The project brief was to use mineral silicate paint that bonds chemically with concrete and stone. Where traditional acrylic paint seals and traps moisture, mineral silicate paint allows substrates to breathe, making it ideal for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The paint is also highly resistant to UV damage, ensuring that the building will maintain its colour for years to come.

“We used three separate brands of mineral silicate paint to ensure warranty coverage on the various surfaces,” said Managing Director, Steve De Luca. “Specialised equipment such as EWPs and Dog Box lifts were employed to navigate challenging areas, ensuring coverage and precision.”
“Unique challenges posed by a hospital environment and a tight program required exceptional planning and execution,” said Steve. “The whole team pulled off a remarkable project, delivering results that exceeded expectations.”

Paint Machine specialises in a range of services, including venetian plastering, lime-wash paints, and protective coatings for steel. Their expertise in these areas, along with their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, has earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry.

As a family business, Paint Machine takes pride in its close-knit team, consisting of Chris, Anthony, Daniel, George, Sahil and Steve. Despite scaling back from 15 to 7 team members, they continue to take on challenging projects across South Australia, including government jobs, High Schools, custom homes, and institutions like Adelaide University.

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