Adam Mcarthur

CEO | Found Concrete

Found Concrete is an app that makes it easier to order concrete. Started in 2018, Found is a tech-enabled alternative to the traditional process of concrete ordering and currently serves customers in Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast, Melbourne and South-East Queensland.

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The team at Found bring together decades of industry experience and a deep understanding of the technology sector. Led by CEO Adam McArthur, they are dedicated to making tradespeople’s lives easier, freeing up valuable time, alleviating construction site pressures and improving productivity.

Adam shared his insights about the exciting innovations Found Concrete is bringing to the sector.

What makes the app such a game-changer and explain what challenges the app helps overcome in the industry?

Smaller industry players typically find it difficult to place a concrete order. They often have to call several suppliers and compromise on things like price and delivery time. They often place orders with multiple suppliers to secure delivery times and then cancel orders they don’t need, which is very inefficient.

The supply chain is set up to support larger projects but all our suppliers really want to serve their smaller customers better. The app is set up to let them do that. We match concrete availability with orders, with a user-friendly interface to help customers quickly source the concrete they need, at the time they need it.

How do customers use the app?

The app has a transaction-based model with customers paying per order. Found is introducing innovations in pricing, the first of these is to provide discounts for orders placed in the afternoon to make it cheaper for customers and better for suppliers to serve customers in off-peak times.

Suppliers love it. We’ve really been able to add value for suppliers because the app helps them find new customers for their spare capacity, giving them better utilisation while also delivering a better service to the market.

Where did the idea for the app come from and how did you get involved?

Found was created by people in the construction industry who saw an opportunity to improve concrete ordering. It was developed through an incubator consulting firm and has since grown rapidly.

My prior experience includes sectors including aerospace, automotive, commerce, logistics and education. I’ve always found it rewarding to help out small businesses. However, construction has always been a passion since I started my career at James Hardie.

The industry is ripe for disruption, with lots of manual processes that affect productivity.

What’s next for Found?

Ultimately I would like to see Found expand to serve a broader section of the construction industry. Our vision is to make it easy for smaller customers to order all sorts of construction materials – steel, timber, aggregates… you name it.

This is especially important today with all the logistical challenges facing distributors. Suppliers everywhere are struggling to meet demand and customers are desperate for materials. We can’t control raw material costs but we can help make businesses more efficient with less wasted time and effort for both the supplier and customer.

Found improves efficiency by freeing up valuable time onsite. Up to 30% of customers place orders outside business hours. Customers like to place orders at the end of the day when they can sit down and plan their works. If people are sitting on hold trying to order materials during the day, that time could be better spent supervising the workforce onsite and keeping everyone productive.

What has the customer feedback been like so far?

As use of the app grows in the construction industry, Found has received universally positive reviews from customers who appreciate its ease of use and value for money.

It’s been great to receive positive feedback and hear that we are making a difference. Small companies are the backbone of Australian industry and it’s always really rewarding to hear from our customers who have got some of their precious family time back thanks to Found.

For more information contact Found

Level 11, 3 Spring Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
1300 980 626

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