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Uniting Marion Street Leichhardt

Aged Care | New South Wales

Uniting Marion Street Leichhardt involved the construction of a 6-storey residential accommodation building for seniors. Featuring an East and West tower with a combined 65 units, the project is built to provide residents a space to feel comfortable and connected. Amenities include a 15m heated swimming pool, club room with fireplace, and a tranquil urban oasis with a 20m pond.

CLIENT : Uniting
ENGINEER : Northrop
Key Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers
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McRae-McMahon Place – An Urban Oasis

As a leading Tier 2 Design and Construction company, Growthbuilt is known for completing quality commercial, mixed use, student and affordable living and housing, aged care and seniors living, hospitality, education and residential projects against complex logistical issues and tight schedules.

Growthbuilt won the design and construct contract for Uniting’s McRae-McMahon Place Independent Living Units (ILUs).
The project features two 6-storey buildings rising over a common podium and offers a large range of services and amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, multi-function space, clubroom, and private dining, as well as communal gardens and BBQ areas in each building for residents’ enjoyment.

“The types of homes older people need and want are changing,” said Adam Ashcroft, Growthbuilt Construction Manager. “More people want to be able to choose between different types of homes to suit their differing needs across all stages of life.”

McRae-McMahon Place is designed to ensure its residents live in a user friendly, accessible building with safe and convenient systems such as flat surfaces that meet accessibility requirements, rather than large flights of stairs, accessible spaces and lifts, as well as simpler items such as large buttons, easily readable signage and markings, and large format switching. The goal of these systems is to provide safe and accessible living for older people.

The village centers around a relaxing water feature, bocce courts,
a resort-style indoor pool and beautifully landscaped gardens that link to the wider community. “These amenities are a key component of the communal sense of belonging, connecting residents and visitors, further enhancing the village environment,” said Adam.

There were some challenges initially with this project due to the distance between the original building and the surrounding properties. This original building shell was located a matter of meters from the Church on the Eastern boundary and the residential housing to the North. This meant that scaffolding, which wrapped the whole building, was located on a narrow edge between the site and these properties. “The proximity of neighbours meant the building envelope was meticulously designed to fit in with the overall character of Leichhardt using a variety of elements such as glass, brick and Render,” said Adam.

The well-appointed apartments range in size and layout, from two-bedroom apartments to deluxe penthouses. All are spacious and private, with plenty of sunlight and natural ventilation – and many have views over the leafy district and Harbour Bridge. “People typically spend more time at home as they age, so it was vital to maximise views, sunlight and privacy,” said Adam.

The civil and services systems at McRae-McMahon Place include an embedded energy network, LED lighting, thermal insulation of roofs and walls, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and bathroom fittings, and the central hot water system. The overall system will reduce emissions, improve the building’s sustainability and lifecycle, and lower utility bills via the embedded energy network.

Growthbuilt’s focus is on new-build, fitout, adaptive re-use and refurbishments within their retail and commercial sector expertise. The quality of work is best expressed by an 90% repeat client base and award-winning projects. Utilising the right processes and systems, their service driven team ensures successful delivery of projects safely, on time, within budget and to exceptional quality.

“Our teams are increasingly involved in methods of project delivery where our skills are effectively utilised to provide a superior project outcome in terms of quality, time and value,” said Adam.

Growthbuilt employs over 160 people consisting of professional engineers & builders. It’s this competence and confidence that enables people and projects to reach their full potential.

For more information contact Growthbuilt
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Premium Fire Services completed inhouse design, installation and certification for wet and dry fire services, on the project.

Premium Fire Services are a specialist Fire Services Contractor that carry out inhouse design, installation and certification for wet and dry fire services including associated passive fire services on the project, including sprinklers, hydrants and smoke detection.

“The developers were quite strict about the design detail. Our job is to make sure that everyone is happy,” explains Project Manager Jessie Yan. “There were a lot of design changes obviously because they want what is best for their building. We have to consider the design changes and have to come and re-engineer the work for them to make sure client’s expectations met.” Adding, “I am very happy with the work we did and believe that the client is also.”

With extensive experience on a vast portfolio of residential class two projects in accordance with the latest regulations and Building Design Practitioner policy, Premium Fire Services based the design of the fire systems on the project’s fire engineering strategy and completed the full installation and commissioning.

“We have inhouse designers which make things more practical for us to do the work onsite,” explains Jessie. “This project was a real team effort. We always wish to deliver the very best in what we do. We always endeavor to deliver a premium service, communicating and working with the project team to run things smoothly and as efficiently as possible.”

For Premium Fire Services, their client list is forever expanding, thanks to satisfied customers over a varied spectrum of sectors such as commercial buildings, education schools, aged care, medical centers, government facility and industrial buildings.

Their standards and quality remain high and they are proud to have the industry’s highest inspection pass rates.

From wet and dry systems, design and construction, passive fire protection, preparation of tactical fire plans, testing, maintenance and certification, the company draws on their years of expertise to ensure innovative, cost effective and top of the range fire protection solutions.

For more information contact Premium Fire Services
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Rodney Stevens Acoustics were engaged to assess the acoustic requirements of the development.

Rodney Stevens Acoustics was engaged to assess the acoustic requirements of the development for the construction phase,
as well as the final compliance certifications. Their prime objective had future residents in mind when they were tasked with achieving a high level of acoustic amenity throughout the development.

Firstly assessing and mitigating the external noise intrusion from road traffic and aircraft noise, their second task was to consider the noise extrusion from the development, such as mechanical plant noise.

Finally, the development had to comply with both industry, Council and client satisfaction regulations from an acoustic perspective.

“Rodney Stevens Acoustics and Growthbuilt have worked closely together for nearly a decade and have succeeded in developing a successful and mutually respectful relationship,” said Operations Manager, Penny Edney. “Both companies take pride in their workmanship.”

There are always a lot of moving parts to consider with large scale projects and this time around was no different. “The main challenges that arise are the balance between calculated building requirements, versus what can be installed onsite,” Penny explained. “Our main focus is to ensure internal acoustic privacy can be achieved from external noise.”

In the case of this site, the loudest external noise was aircraft noise. Due to the high levels of noise exposure, installation of heavy glazing was recommended. As heavy glazing is not an off the shelf product, the windows needed to be custom made. Penny explains that the glazing expert employed for this particular project was very ‘knowledgeable’ supplying and installing windows and doors with a very high acoustic performance.

Rodney Stevens Acoustics is an Australian owned company whose ethos is to provide acoustic services tailored for the clients needs, whilst maintaining legislative requirements. With a team of highly skilled acoustic consultants, they offer a particular focus on the commercial, childcare, residential, industrial, hospitality and agricultural arenas.

For more information contact Rodney Stevens Acoustics
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Max Fire Protection Services provided consultation and assessment for passive fire safety on the project.

Uniting Marion St Leichhardt involved the construction of a two 6-storey towers of residential accommodation for seniors and the community, comprising of 65 units.

Specialist contractor Max Fire Protection Services, where required to provide consultation and assessment across three essential stages, to ensure the project met all fire safety requirements.

The process begins with a review of the fire matrix of the project and if all is well, the company will advance through to the next step.

“We’re always coming to the site to do site inspections and checking if everything is installed in the right manner,” explained Max Fire Protection Director, Lesie Li.

“If there’s any issues, then we raise them and deliver a report saying which elements are not compliant and which are. We take photos of all the evidence and move forward from there.”

Once all work onsite has been completed, and any rectification updates have been addressed, Max Fire Protection Services provide a third party sign off for all the fire prevention measures.
Max Fire Protection Services are leaders in their field and their skilled team provide a high level of professionalism and service to new and existing clients.

Sydney based Max Fire Protection Services offer a range of services including Passive Fire Protection consultancy services, installation services and also maintenance. They also offer AFSS annual fire safety statement for occupied buildings.

For more information contact Max Fire Protection
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