N.8 Campbelltown

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N.8 CAMPBELLTOWN is a bold new addition to the Campbelltown skyline and features spectacular 360-degree panoramic views. The project consists of 42 commercial suites and 54 residential apartments over 7-levels, including a combination of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments and retail spaces on the ground floor.

DEVELOPER : Saxon Developments Pty Ltd
ARCHITECT : Marchese Partners and DWA
ENGINEER : TQM Consulting Engineers
Key Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers
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City Living in the Heart of Campbelltown

Developed by TQM Design & Construct, N.8 Campbelltown comprises 4-levels of basement parking, retail on the ground level, commercial suites on the levels 1-6, luxury apartments on the Levels 7-13, and a rooftop terrace with landscaped green spaces, BBQ facilities and 360-degree panoramic views.

With 490 lineal metres of LED lighting recessed into the north and south façades of N.8 Campbelltown, the programable lights will illuminate the newest and tallest addition to the Campbelltown skyline. “It is a truly outstanding building. N.8 Campbelltown will become the shining centrepiece of Campbelltown,” said TQM Project Manager, Tony Assaf.

N.8 Campbelltown hosts 7-levels of boutique luxury studio, one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all featuring premium finishes, European-style appliances and outstanding timber and carpet flooring. Three private lifts service the residential floors, while the commercial suites have two dedicated lifts.

The premium luxury finishes and the overall standard of excellence is indicative of the extremely high degree of craftsmanship and skill of all trades, coupled with tqm’s careful attention to detail.

“With 6m high by 10m wide striking pre-cast features on the building façades, honed stone flooring in the lobby and outdoor entry area and an elegant architecturally designed concrete awning overhanging the public domain space, there is a great level of thought and emphasis placed on the architectural and interior design details,”
said Tony.

“This includes the addition of the planter boxes that will overhang the building on the commercial floors 2-6 while the western front of those levels feature 3.5m floor-to-ceiling glass windows.”

COVID-19 restrictions, industry-wide labour and material shortages, and the wet weather experienced throughout 2022 posed challenges for tqm and impacted the overall build timeline. Navigating and overcoming the various limitations through effective stakeholder management and innovative project management demonstrates tqm’s commitment to delivering a product of excellence.

“N.8 Campbelltown will become a cornerstone project for Campbelltown because it will be the first building in the city to feature a public domain, of which N.8 Campbelltown has two. We have worked closely with the local city council to define the various size and colour specs for the pavers to be used in these spaces, which will also become the standard for future public domains created within the city,” said Tony.

tqm commenced demolition of the existing building onsite in April 2021 and had the first slab poured by March 2022. With around 60 subcontractors onsite throughout the various stages of the build, the peak daily workforce is between 80-90 people.

Established in 1999, tqm remains an Australian family-owned business with an impressive track record. From working on small to medium-sized residential projects, tqm has grown to become a major player in the construction market, building numerous high-rise residential developments across Sydney.

tqm have been awarded a 4 Star rating under the new Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT), which assesses a company’s track record based on capability, conduct, character, capacity, capital, and counterparties.

For more information contact TQM Design & Construct
phone 02 9556 1046

Seamless Construction with Precast

Avacon are precast concrete and structural steel experts responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the precast concrete walls for the N.8 Campbelltown.

“Since the project began in early 2022, we have precast 386 internal and external concrete walls and hundreds of balustrades. We precast the concrete off-site in our factory outside Newcastle, New South Wales,” said an Avacon spokesperson.

“Once we cast the walls and balustrades, which can weigh anywhere from 1 tonne up to 12.5 tonnes each, we transport the required precast for the current building stage to site in Campbelltown and install them with little to no downtime between delivery and installation.”

“Precasting concrete is a fast and efficient technique. The benefit of casting in our own enclosed space is that we don’t take up valuable space on site, but more importantly, our team can work around the clock and not face any limitations or quality influence imposed by weather,” said an Avacon spokesperson. “Overall, this process allows us to pour concrete in a much more controlled environment which adds to the level of quality we can achieve, especially as we strive for a Class 2 finish.”

Avacon are the specialists in precast concrete panels and columns, structural steel and technical cast-in-situ concrete and have been designing and creating custom concrete installations for commercial projects across New South Wales since 2019. The team have the experience and the skills to deliver 3D drawings, manufacturing and installation services for precast concrete and structural steel.

The Avacon team have had approximately 11 people working on this project across the various build stages and delivered the last set of precast walls to the site in early April 2023.

For more information contact Avacon
9 Yilen Close, Beresfield NSW 2322
phone 02 4966 2774

Designed for Contemporary Living

Accurate Windows, Sydney-based aluminium windows and doors specialists, were tasked with manufacturing, supplying and installing aluminium windows, doors and frameless glass doors at the N.8 Campbelltown.

“We’ve spent about three months manufacturing all the different components for this job in our factory in Wetherall Park,” said Accurate Windows Director, Andro Al Zind. “We have had four teams of two working on this project, installing windows and doors across the various build stages as they progress.”

As of April 2023, the Accurate Windows team had installed 100 sliding doors, over 300 commercial frames in the commercial spaces of the building that have six mechanical aluminium louvres over each frame and a series of custom frameless glass doors. “The aluminium windows offer greater comfort, better insulation, minimal maintenance, enhanced security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We’re also installing aluminium cover plates colour matched to the door frames to ensure a seamless, clean finished look,” said Andro.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Accurate Windows provide quality window, door and custom aluminium and glass solutions for our residential and commercial customers throughout Sydney. “We pride ourselves on using the most modern materials and techniques available to create stylish doors and windows that are durable, reliable and of long-lasting quality,” said Andro.

The team have the knowledge and the skills to design, manufacture and install premium custom glass and aluminium solutions for commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Current projects include manufacturing and installing aluminium windows and doors at ‘Anglicare Social and Wellness Centre’, Frenchs Forest, and ‘East End’ Newcastle, a challenging large-scale project.

For more information contact Accurate Windows
21 Hargraves Place, Wetherill Park NSW 2164
phone 02 8107 7749