727 Hunter Street

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727 Hunter Street HQ is a premier 15-level A-Grade commercial building comprising 13,900m² net lettable area (NLA) and 228 car spaces. The building features state-of-the-art end-of-trip-facilities including showers, lockers and changing rooms, a rooftop terrace, and extensive bike storage.

ARCHITECT : EJE Architecture
CIVIL/STRUCTURAL ENGINEER : MPC consulting engineers
TYPE : Commercial
Key Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers
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Newcastle’s New Hub of Innovation and Excellence

Located in the heart of Newcastle, the $107 million business centre at 727 Hunter Street is the city’s newest A-Grade commercial building. The building features retail opportunities from 99m² to 300m², and office accommodation floors from 700m² to 1,300m², offering a total of 13,615m2 of commercial space across 15-stories.

“727 HQ is an impressive addition to the city’s landscape, embodying cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability. It will serve as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and community engagement, making it a key player in shaping the city’s future,” said HYG Head of Construction, Zenki Kwan.

“HYG are proud that 727 HQ achieved the A-grade classification and is the newest of its kind within Newcastle. We have precommited high-profile tenants, including Glencore and are currently working on integrated space
fit-outs to offer tenants a mid-late 2023 move-in date.”

This A-grade building offers office buildings equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to cater to the needs of modern businesses, including security systems, high-speed internet connectivity, energy-efficient HVAC systems, ample parking spaces, and facilities like meeting rooms, conference centres, and wellness areas.

Sustainability is at the forefront of this project which features solar panels and wind turbines to generate onsite clean energy and reduce the building’s carbon footprint. 727 HQ also features the integration of cutting-edge smart technology throughout the building. This includes intelligent lighting systems, automated climate control, advanced security systems, and occupancy sensors to optimise energy efficiency, enhance user experience, and improve operational efficiency.

727 HQ is the newest addition to Newcastle’s cityscape and has a strong focus on enhancing the quality of life for residents and businesses. It offers unique city, water and landscape views of the hills and parks. It boasts large terraces on Level 5 and the top level for the community to host and enjoy events, recreational activities and entertainment.

“This A-grade building showcases a distinctive architectural design that serves as a visual landmark within the community. Its unique shape, façade, and structural elements make it instantly recognisable, while its contemporary architectural design creates a striking balance between functionality, comfort, and sustainability,” said Zenki. 727 HQ features public art installations and exhibitions throughout the building and surrounding public spaces that promote local artists and bring additional cultural value to the community.

“This was a complex yet gratifying project to build. The challenge we overcame during this build were the impacts created by COVID. Various measures and risk management were put into place onsite and materials were ordered in advance to minimise the impact of global supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic,” said Zenki.

Work onsite commenced in October 2020 and the building reached practical completion in April 2023. The project saw up to 100 people onsite daily and over 200,000 hours of work throughout the build.

HYG are a fully integrated property developer offering in-house development management, project construction, property management and property sales. The HYG team have over a century’s worth of collective experience across their dynamic design, construction, project management and sales departments.

Recently completed projects include a new design competition-winning residential development in Waterloo consisting of 132 apartments and Westwood Estate, a master-planned community located in Caddens.

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EJE Architects provided the full suite of architectural services to the 727 Hunter Street HQ project.

Commencing the 727 Hunter Street HQ design phase in 2017, EJE Architecture worked closely with the various stakeholders to understand and execute the architectural vision for Newcastle’s newest A-Grade commercial building.

EJE provided the full suite of architectural services including concept design, DA approval, construction documentation and construction phase supervision for the HQ project.

“To achieve its A-Grade commercial building standard, it required the HQ’s design to meet specific parametres across various elements of the building,” said Phil Hendrie of EJE Architecture. “This includes meeting strict mechanical and electrical standards, building energy consumption guidelines and the number of lifts servicing the building.”

A striking feature of the HQ is the full double-glazed curtain wall curved glass façades that encase the 10-storey high commercial tower and invite an abundance of natural light and open views.

The western glass façade of the building features an innovative horizontal bar code style film print. The film is designed to provide filtered views in and out of the building offering privacy from the surrounding residential buildings.

“A key feature of this build was the incorporation of a pedestrian link that runs along the western side of the building providing a walkthrough connecting Hunter Street and Kings Street,” said Phil. “The pedestrian link features 5 public artwork pieces incorporated within the space, including a sculpture at each end of the link, a mural, and perforated mesh screen artwork.”

EJE Architecture is a multi-disciplinary design practice providing creative solutions for the built environment through Architecture, Heritage Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning services since 1976.

EJE Architecture has various upcoming master planning and architectural design projects across the health, hospitality, commercial, tourism, heritage and residential sectors.

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EVC designed all the mechanical services, including the base building air conditioning, supplementary cooling & smoke hazard ventilation systems.

The designing of efficient air conditioning and ventilation systems that meet the requirements of Newcastle’s newest NABERS Rated Property Council of Australia ‘A-Grade’ Commercial Office building, Hunter Street HQ, was executed by building services design consultants EVC.

“The HQ building is over 25m high, so it was a challenging yet rewarding seven month design process to achieve the various fire safety, thermal and energy efficiency requirements. This included the design of the base building air conditioning and ventilation systems, supplementary cooling systems for future tenant requirements plus life safety smoke hazard management ventilation systems,” said Jonathon Vickerman – MD. “EVC feel very proud to be involved in this project.”

“We conducted thermal and energy modelling and advised on the window glazing specifications to ensure that the energy and thermal efficiencies of the building met the ‘Grade A’ and NABERS Rating targets,” said Jonathon.

“The air conditioning systems have been split into zones to meet the ‘Grade A’ requirements set out by the Property Council of Australia Providing a higher level of thermal comfort. Additional to the base building HVAC systems and to meet the Property Council of Australia ‘Grade A’ requirements, a condenser water system has been incorporated providing the ability for future tenants of the commercial spaces to connect it and provide additional cooling capacity to the tenanted spaces should it be required.”

EVC produced the design of all the mechanical services with 3D ‘REVIT’ design software, enabling all project stakeholders to view and co-ordinate in real time prior to the construction of the actual building.

The EVC team has over 100 years of combined experience in construction industry. EVC offers design consultancy services for Compressed Air, Mechanical HVAC and Medical Gases. Additional to the production of design documentation, EVC also produce for Construction Workshop Drawings and As Constructed As Installed drawings.

EVC have the ability to work on all class of buildings in all states across the East Cost of Australia.

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Closed loop cooling towers & plate heat exchangers.
Smoke hazard management fans at roof level.
One of twenty-two air conditioning air-cooled condenser plantrooms.