You can talk about a number of topics within major construction in Australia, such as safety issues, government regulations, improving the design process etc.

Australia’s built environment is responsible for almost a quarter of the country’s carbon emissions. As such, the Australian Institute of Architects is calling for urgent reforms to address emissions from the sector and to bring about a net zero future.

As the world continues to embrace technology, systems will become more complex making the skills engineers possess critical to the construction industry. Australia is currently experiencing a significant shortage of engineering skills affecting most disciplines and sectors.

The construction industry is currently under immense pressure, facing a number of challenges, including rising commodity prices, supply chain disruptions, and a protracted labour shortage.

Much has been said about the lack of housing across Australia, and there is no doubt we are facing a critical housing shortage. Supply is being routinely constrained due to increasingly difficult and slow planning systems.

Many of the States and Territories have plans in place to address water security and climate resilience but the timing to implement various initiatives are often at the tail end, that is, 2050 of the current planning horizon.