You can talk about a number of topics within major construction in Australia, such as safety issues, government regulations, improving the design process etc.

Exposure to crystalline silica (silica) dust has long been a known cause of lung disease and continues to present risks in various Australian industries and workplaces.

The Albanese Government has made more, positive announcements to reform the housing sector in one year than the previous Government made in 10 years.

The Commission is collaborating with communities and all levels of government to drive equitable digital access across our multi-city region to ensure that everyone benefits from smart cities.

By bringing early engagement to the table, organisations become trusted advisors for clients and governments for the benefit of future projects.

Increasing the gender diversity in an organisation can result in some key company wide benefits. Diverse workers bring new and different perspectives and can lead to better quality products and services, improved customer experiences, greater profits, and happier workplaces.