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Transforming the Signage Landscape

Founded in 2010, Trio Sign Group has evolved into one of Adelaide’s leading signage and project management companies. The company’s inception is rooted in the combined expertise of its founders, Ryan Westley and Andrew Baohm, who brought together their unique skills to create a dynamic and innovative signage company.

Today, Trio Sign Group is renowned for its comprehensive signage solutions, its track record speaks volumes for the quality, workmanship and attention to detail that goes into every one of their projects, something that owners Ryan and Andrew are very proud of.

The Founders: A Partnership of Vision and Expertise

Ryan Westley, a qualified industrial designer with over 20 years of experience in the signage industry, began his journey at the University of Johannesburg, graduating with a qualification in Industrial Design. He initially designed and built exhibition displays at a small signage company, later managing the prototype department at Kitemark in South Africa, where he gained extensive experience in quality workmanship and design. Ryan’s career spanned various industries and countries, including construction, building, manufacturing, and demolition. In 2001, he moved to Australia and worked as a Graphic and 3D Exhibition Designer at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, enriching his skill set and preparing him to
co-found Trio Sign Group.

Andrew Baohm brings over 35 years of experience in the visual communication industry. His background as a professional photographer and marketing manager paved the way for his transition into the signage industry. Andrew’s journey in signage began working for 20 years with one of Adelaide’s most successful photographic laboratories and 15 years as Director of Business Development in a former successful signage company he was a partner in. Andrew’s extensive experience and network in the digital printing and signage industry have been instrumental in helping Trio Sign Group establish itself as a trusted brand in the Construction and Architectural Signage industry.

Andrew Baohm

Ryan Westley

The Birth of Trio Sign Group

The idea for Trio Sign Solutions was born when Ryan approached Andrew with intention to start his own signage business, together they recognised the potential of joining forces to leverage their combined expertise to create a new venture that could tackle a broader scope of projects. The duo set an ambitious goal: to expand their market from small-scale signage to large corporate and architectural projects. The challenge was met with resounding success, leading to the rapid growth of Trio Sign Solutions.

In 2018, the company bolstered its market position by acquiring Signscope, a major competitor and one of Adelaide’s most successful signage companies. This strategic acquisition further established Trio Sign Solutions as a leader in corporate and architectural signage in South Australia.

Growth and Expansion

By 2023, Trio Sign Solutions continued growth necessitated a move to larger premises. The company purchased J&J Signs and relocated to Mile End, just outside Adelaide’s CBD. The new location provided a much larger facility providing the necessary space for continued growth and expansion, not just for production but also their expanding project management and design team.

With the acquisition of J&J Signs, Trio Sign Solutions had now acquired two of its competitors, each with over 40 years of experience and history in the signage industry in South Australia.

It was now only fitting that Trio Sign Solutions would simply become Trio Sign Group and continue on with its increased knowledge, expertise and experience producing the highest possible standard of signage for the architectural & construction projects they work on.

Capabilities and Services

Trio Sign Group specialises in providing a complete signage solution. The company’s capabilities include industrial and graphic design, project management, signage manufacture and installation for corporate and architectural projects. Their focus on communication and collaboration sets them apart from competitors. Clients work directly with dedicated project managers through every stage of the process, ensuring streamlined communication and successful project completion. Trio Sign Group works at all levels of the construction industry up to tier one. It works regularly on State Government, Commonwealth Government and Classified Defence Projects with its clients and is adaptable to providing signage solutions for any industry.

Notable Projects

Trio Sign Group has worked on numerous high-profile projects, recently they have been particularly active in the growing healthcare sector. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital redevelopment is the largest single project the company has undertaken, involving extensive internal wayfinding signage. Other notable healthcare projects include the Mount Barker Hospital Emergency Department, Gawler Hospital Emergency Department and they are currently working on the new Playford Health Hub.
Beyond healthcare, Trio Sign Group has a diverse range of clients, working regularly in industries such as Defence, Education, Aged Care, Architecture, Construction and Property Development.

They have collaborated with Australian Naval Infrastructure on the Signage at the Osborne Ship and Submarine Building Facility and Walker Corporation on the Riverlea Development, the largest housing development project in South Australia. Their client list includes major builders such as Lendlease, Built Environs, Sarah Construction, Built, Schiavello just to name a few.

Looking Ahead

Trio Sign Group is committed to continuing its growth and innovation in the signage industry. With a focus on collaboration, quality, and client satisfaction, the company aims to remain at the forefront of corporate and architectural signage in South Australia.

For more information on Trio Sign Group contact Andrew Baohm, mobile 0418 500 778, email

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