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Air-conditioning Which Connects with Care

Camp Hill Aged Care, Camp Hill, QLD
Completion Date : May 2023
Constructors : Hinterland Air-Conditioning
Located in Camp Hill, in Brisbane’s South, Camp Hill Aged Care is a brand new, world class aged living facility. Mitsubushi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Australia and trusted contractors Hinterland Air-Conditioning, collaborated to deliver ducted, under ceiling and wall mounted air-conditioning systems, across the development.

Owned and managed by the renowned and respected CPSM group, who currently manage five other care homes in Queensland, the new Camp Hill development offers all the features and benefits that residents and families would expect in a world class, purpose designed care home.

The development includes 141 modern rooms, each with its own private balcony; something that CPSM believes sets it apart from other care homes, as well as a gym, salon, private dining, and bar area. The complex also includes a number of large lounge and recreation areas, beautiful courtyards and stunning views out across the adjoining suburbs and right out to the city and Morton Bay itself.

As well as world class amenities, Camp Hill also offers 24/7 specialist care with professional nursing staff available 24hrs a day, seven days a week, ensuring all residents needs are catered for. Their on-site physiotherapists provide individual programs, tailored to residents requirements while their local GP’s also offer excellent on-site medical services.

The project required a reliable climate solution for all 141 of the individual rooms, as well as the gym, salon and several other common areas within the complex. Given the facility’s location in sunny Brisbane, which can often see sustained temperatures of above 30ºC during summer, the solution would need to be reliable, even in the harsh Queensland summers and take into consideration the varying heat loads received throughout the day.

To ensure the comfort of every resident, every system would need to be easily and individually controlled by occupants while also allow for central control and monitoring by facility management. Any proposed system would also need to be quiet to ensure guests were uninterrupted.

Timing of the project deliveries was critical to ensure the construction site was not congested and the material flow was not disrupted.

After discussions between Mitsubushi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Australia and trusted contractors Hinterland Air-Conditioning, a selection of ducted, under ceiling and wall mounted systems were ultimately chosen for the project.

FDU slim-line ducted systems offered a high airflow yet quiet and discreet solution for many of the larger, open plan common areas including the facility’s reception/foyer area, kitchen, and lounge areas. The FDE series of under ceiling systems and FDK series of wall mounted systems offered a solution for other common areas including back offices, with all the above indoor units being connected to a number of KX VRF outdoor units.

Back-to-back wall mounted split systems from our Avanti and Bronte series were chosen for each room – offering individual control for each occupant. To ensure ease of use by residents, these systems were fitted with wall mounted RC-EXZ3A’s wired controllers.

All systems were connected to central controllers, providing staff with day-to-day control while interface cards allowed all systems to be integrated into the building’s central business management system to provide facility management and maintenance contractors with advanced control and monitoring capabilities.

By working closing with trusted contractor Hinterland Air-Conditioning MHIAA was able to deliver a reliable climate solution for this brand new aged care development.

For more information contact
Mitsubushi Heavy Industries
Air-Conditioning Australia, Pty. Ltd.,
phone 1300 130 007

Indoor Units Installed
  • 10 x FDU**KX Ducted Systems
  • 1 x FDUM**KX Ducted System
  • 2 x FDE**KXZE1 Under Ceiling Systems
  • 43 x FDK**KXZ Wall Mounted Split Systems
  • 140 x SRK**ZSA-W Wall Mounted Split Systems
  • 12 x SRK**ZRA-W Wall Mounted Split Systems
Outdoor Units Installed
  • 11 x FDC**KXZPE1
  • 3 x FDC**KXZE1
  • 3 x FDC**KXEN6
  • 1 x FDCA**VNXA-W
  • 140 x SRC**ZSA-W
  • 12 x SRC**ZRA-W

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