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Make a Statement With 250mm Commercial Framing

Darley Aluminium

With over 27 years of dedicated service in the aluminium industry, Darley Aluminium stands as a respected Australian-owned family business and one of the nation’s premier distributors of aluminium extrusions. Far more than a supplier, Darley provides tailored solutions to fabricators across the country, and have added the 250mm commercial framing system to their suite of cutting-edge solutions.

Darley Aluminium introduced their new CityView 250mm front double glazed commercial framing system to the market to cater to large spans, high wind loads and applications where design and visual appeal are a top priority.

The system is perfect for commercial spaces where light and visibility are premium realestate including car dealerships, showrooms, hotels, exhibition halls, and commercial lobby spaces. ‘

Design Flexibility and Versatility

The sleek and modern aesthetic of the 250mm system can be customised to suit the buildings’ colour and style. As this framing system is front-glazed, its glazing pockets are in a forward position, making it flush with the external finishes. This gives the façade of the building a clean, sleek, and minimalist look from the outside while allowing an abundance of light and creating bright open spaces.

The 250mm system is compatible with Darley’s CityView 45mm commercial doors and CityView Awning and casement windows making this system versatile and customisable to your design wants and needs.

Compliance with Australian Standards

The new 250mm commercial framing system has been tested to and exceeds AS2047 Windows and external glazed doors in buildings and AS/NZ 4284 testing of building facades offering superior quality.

Structural Integrity

With dedicated mullion stiffeners for additional strength when required, the 250mm system provides robust structural support and is perfect for projects featuring large spans of distance between two supports.

A 250mm system can provide the necessary structural support and can be load bearing when required, able to reach an overall height of 6,000mm. The system also features a dedicated sub-framing system for optimal installation and weatherproofing.

High Wind Loads

The strength, structural integrity and ability to withstand strong weather forces of the 250mm system makes it the ideal choice for installation in areas with high wind and extreme weather conditions.

Energy efficiency and Sustainability

Many commercial projects now have energy efficiency and sustainability goals and the 250mm framing system can help achieve those goals.

The 250mm framing suite with a wide 50mm pocket is able to accommodate high-performance insulated glass up to 44mm thick while the system is made from aluminium which is highly recyclable and only uses a fraction of the energy used to produce other metal framing.

The unique attributes of the 250mm commercial framing system perfectly meet the functional, structural and aesthetic requirements of many commercial applications. Whether you are a builder, property developer, architect, or anyone else involved in commercial construction projects, you should consider Darley’s new 250mm system – for something that will make an impression, grab attention and is high-performing.

With many more superior-performance aluminium window and door solutions to suit a range of specifications and designs, Darley prides itself on being a one-stop solution for all your aluminium window and door needs.

From window frames to security screen doors to glazed windows and more, Darley has exactly what you need to fit the unique aesthetic, performance and size specifications of your project.

Darley Aluminium

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